Accolades – Floral Arrangements

Mimi Engstrom March 03, 2016
Edwin, everyone who went to visit Rose commented on how lovely and fresh the flowers are.
Made my visit today after school and YES, very nice! Thank you.

Thomas Lim August 17, 2015
Thank you for the beautiful Congratulatory Stand that you arranged for my client who was celebrating 100 years of success and innovation in frontline care.

Liying September 23, 2010
The flowers are beautiful. This is much nicer than a hand-tied bouquet. Very special and nice arrangement. My colleagues and I are impressed by your creativity.

May Yeong July 13, 2010
Many thanks for the beautiful wreath. It exceptionally displayed your floral skills in the arrangement. May God continue to bless you in your business.

Tan Hwee Peng July 11, 2010
The hand-tied bouquet is beautiful. All of us including the birthday girl love the choice of flowers and the color used in the arrangement.

Thank you Edwin.

Eric and Seok Yong July 9 2007
Thanks for the floral wreath sent. It is lovely and very presentable.

Sandra Tan June 7 2007
The flowers and food hamper that I received from Ripples Enterprise were really fresh. It really brightened up my day. The arrangement was so unique and moreover, the flowers lasted for more than a week. Keep up the good work!

Ignatius Long May 15 2007
The well-arranged flowers and the assortment of health food and drinks really made my day. Keep up with the good work and I wish you success in your endeavors. I would not hesitate to use your services in the near future.

Sally Cheong April 14 2007
Thank you for the floral arrangement. You always do a good job. May God continue to shower His blessings upon you.

Joanna Wong October 25, 2006
Hello Edwin. You did it. My customers said that the combination of flowers used was very good and they were satisfied with the floral arrangement. Thank you for the job well done.

Tan Hwee Peng November 11 2005
Florence called to say that the flowers are nice. She recommended you as a florist friend to her other friends.

Francis Loh September 14, 2005
My wife asked me to say “Many Thanks” for the hard work that you have put into the floral arrangement. She noticed that there are plenty of details put into the work. Pink and Red are her favorite colors. Once again, thank you for the “great work”.

Nick Tham August 3, 2005
In fact your flowers attracted a lot of attention. Everyone (in the office) stopped their work to see your floral arrangement with fresh strawberries.

Sally and Steven March 13, 2005
You have done a good job on the floral wreaths. Well done and keep up the good work.

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