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FLOWERS are God’s gift to human beings.


  • lend beauty to the eyes of the beholder
  • express love, happiness and comfort
  • play an important role in life, marking occasions and events from birth to death

A flower arrangement will help to radiate splendor to the entire room. It is used as an expression of our thoughts. It is definitely an art that is capable of touching the emotions with incredible intensity.

Do you want to express yourself creatively by learning how to decorate your home or office with exquisite floral arrangements?

Start expressing your creativity through flowers by taking the first step and register for this course and enjoy this sense of satisfaction.

For enquiries or making an arrangement to start the course, please contact Edwin @

Mobile: + 65 9663 1732
Email: firstfruitsbyripples@yahoo.com

Edwin Lee
Certified Florist & Trainer and Assessor

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